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From small groups to a full auditorium, Brian opens up about a life that will shock, yet inspire. Out of anybody you may meet, Brian’s horrendous time on the streets is not evident in his physical appearance nor with his level of professionalism. A broadcaster and filmmaker by trade, his career success, money and family were not enough to fill a deep, gaping hole inside. At the age of 34, a deep depression triggered a bizarre series of events that catapulted him into an off the chart drug addiction.

From as long as he could remember, something continually nagged Brian from the inside out. He couldn’t identify the violent churn in his stomach. Doctor’s, psychologists and self help groups didn’t work. A beautiful family wasn’t even enough to keep, what Brian calls his ‘Serpent’, at bay. In 1994, the year of his son’s birth, Brian gave up. For 8 years he struggled with a massive heroin addiction on the mean streets of Vancouver: The notorious Downtown East Side. By a harmonious convergence of circumstances, Brian pulled himself up by the bootstraps and got clean and sober in 2002. He’s been clean and living prosperously for the last 19 years, but not without severe physical difficulties stemming from a high speed motor vehicle accident in 2004. Brian's faith and sobriety were vigorously tested during his physical and emotional recovery. His wild ride he calls LIFE, is vividly revealed through unique, one-of-a-kind anecdotes of hope and inspiration.

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